Dharma Glimpse: ” I can see clearly now, the rain is gone “



Here is the Dharma glimpse; Shinran Shonin said,

“Although I too am within Amida’s grasp passions obstruct my eyes and I cannot see him; nevertheless, great compassion is untiring and illumines me always. “

quoted in Shinjin, 17

In light of this statement I’ll tell you a story to help you understand.

Once Upon a Time, there was a little boy, this little boy though not very old  had these feelings he’s strange wherever he went. Always feeling like he didn’t belong anywhere : in school, at home, at play, with friends, even alone sometimes he just didn’t feel like he belonged. 

As he grew up this feeling was always there and he was never sure what it was what he could call it and never was able to express it to anyone. 

One day while walking ouside he came by this great big hospital ,he walked in and went over to the reception desk and ask the receptionist to help him. He was directed to the other end of the floor to a certain door where there were some nurses. He walked over to tell the nurses what the receptionist had said , they brought him inside and had him sit in a room to wait for the doctor . He was excited ,he was nervous, he wasn’t sure what he was going to say … But he figured that this might be his chance to take care of th if feeling that had carried for so long.

 The doctor finally came in he was very impressive… but for some reason the boy wasn’t nervous anymore but he still couldn’t find the words to express his need to the doctor. but looking into the doctors eyes he felt that maybe this doctor understood what he was going through. 

The doctor smiled at him and said” I think I can help you”. 

He then gave him a prescription which the boy quickly folded put  in his pocket and he was off…. He ran right to the pharmacy to get the prescription filled. 

The pharmacist filled the order and also gave him  instructions on dosing , discussed side effects with him and gave him an emergency number to call Justin Case. 

After a while with this medication he was starting to understand and feeling better he was starting to see things clearer. This brought great joy into his life and the words he was looking for. With the serenity he needed …he went on to live happy life.

Conclusion… the hospital is the world, full of all forms of suffering :physical, mental, spiritual ; among all the suffering are the helpers he looked for and found.

 The doctor is the Buddha not a god but a person of great wisdom and knowledge and compassion. 

The prescription is the Dharma the medicine able to heal but hard to understand.

 The nurses and the pharmacist are the Sangha( both seen and unseen) who dispense the medicine and aid in the process of healing and ultimately help us to end our suffering.

In brief:

The doctor – the Buddha

The prescription/ medicine – the Dharma

The nurses/ pharmacist – the Sangha.




NAMO amida

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